She’s a slut and proud

It was never difficult to tell when Matthew Parkes was thinking about Edita Raina. The twenty-two-year-old slut was never present to see him during private thoughts, but she did get quite a few phone calls from other gangbang girls she knew around London to fill her in on their latest Matthew Experience. Said experience always included a short whine session about how unfair it was that the love of his life was a slag that would never leave the gangbang scene just because he could offer her a lot of money, and then followed up with the kind of sex that no one ever enjoyed when they knew it was all just mindless.

Edita always got the best from Matthew. The best dates, the best jewelry, the best salary. He rented full penthouse apartments for their dates together as opposed to upscale hotels, and the food was always from one of the top chefs in England. He was trying to win her over; he always was. Edita had seen it the moment it happened, him falling in love with her, and for a brief moment of panic, she had wondered if it was time to stop this profession and move on.

No one had ever fallen in love with her before.

It rained out past the glass pane Edita stared out of that night. She had always loved beautiful London, with its elegant lights shining even past the wet weather. She loved it even more from the view of a penthouse apartment. She could afford her own, but it was difficult to decide on one when she wasn’t busy enough to be at home anyway. Matthew Parkes kept her busy enough, even without her other clients.

“I’m sorry our date was ruined,” Matthew said as he approached Edita, holding out a glass of dark red wine to her. His hand slid to rest on her lower back once she took the glass, and the brunette turned her head to look at him with a soft smile.

“Rain doesn’t ruin anything,” Edita said. “We can do just as much inside as we could have going out. It’s my job to come up with the entertainment, remember?” she added in a tease. She was perfectly happy doing just that; he was easy to please in most cases, and went along with most of what she came up with for them to entertain themselves with.

“And what do you think we can do inside on a rainy night?” Matthew asked, giving her a cocked brow expression. A slow smirk spread across Edita’s lips, and she reached to set the glass down on the small table next to the window.

“I might have an idea,” she purred, turning to face him and laying a hand on his chest. His eyes lit up like Christmas trees. She wanted to be amused; to laugh like she had just accomplished something. But all it came back to was how many times he had tried to bring it further than the current relationship.

It was easy to ignore when the money was placed into her purse. When he had her up against the wall, kissing the breath from her completely, she had to respect her own idea of an ‘indoor date…’ This was how she pleased everyone, right?